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substances (en) > కలుపబడ్డ వస్తువులు > ఆహార సంకలనాలు


Date de création: 2012-02-03T16:41:27Z

Date de dernière modification: 2012-02-03T16:41:27Z

skos:notation: 3011

ఆహార సంకలనాలు  


  • Food additive means any substance not normally consumed as a food by itself and not normally used as a typical ingredient of the food, whether or not it has nutritive value, the intentional addition of which to food for a technological (including organoleptic) purpose in the manufacture, processing, preparation, treatment, packing, packaging, transport or holding of such food results, or may be reasonably expected to result (directly or indirectly), in it or its by-products becoming a component of or otherwise affecting the characteristics of such foods. The term does not include contaminants or substances added to food for maintaining or improving nutritional qualities.

    Date de création: 10/10/18





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